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Drew Brees: too short, too injured … Super Bowl MVP

It’s easy to look past just how much Brees went through

We know Drew Brees because he’s famous for being very very good at football. His numbers are gaudy (80,358 career passing yards; 571 career TD passes), he’s been to the Pro Bowl a baker’s dozen times and was Super Bowl MVP in 2010.

So, since we know all that, it’s not what we cover in this video. This video displays Drew Brees’ path to success. And, well, you know that meme that is like:

The path to success doesn’t look like this:

It looks like this:

Drew Brees might just have that meme printed out, framed and hanging in his locker.

First, there was a time when Drew Brees was considered too small for the NFL. Okay, he overcame that…only to face a time he was considered not good enough to start, followed swiftly by a time when Philip Rivers was drafted to replace him. And then there was the time when he was pretty good but suffered a horrible horrible injury.

Let’s get into the scribbly part of Brees’ path to stardom. Let’s enter the Prism.