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Andy Reid has different reading material at the beach than you do

The Kansas City Chief reported to camp, and their head coach talked about how he spends his time off

If you bump into Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the offseason, odds are low that the head coach will have his eyes trained on the latest crime thriller, the newest sci-fi series, or even a magazine.

Instead, he’ll have his eyes on a playbook.

The Chiefs are one of the first teams reporting to training camp, and both Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes met with the media on Tuesday. During his session in front of the microphones, Reid talked about how he spends his time off.

“Some people read novels, I look at plays.”

As for his quarterback, Mahomes rolled into training camp light, and when asked about golf clubs, he retorted “I’m not playing golf for a while:”

Mahomes also talked about the right ankle injury he suffered during the playoffs, which he aggravated during the Super Bowl. The QB reported that the ankle felt “great,” and that he gained more confidence during OTAs earlier in the offseason.

As for his expectations for the year, they remain high.

Kansas City’s first preseason game is on August 13, when they take on the New Orleans Saints. The Chiefs open the regular season in the traditional Thursday-night opener, as the defending Super Bowl champions welcome Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions.

That’s when we will get our first look at everything Reid was reading this offseason.