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Chosen: A deep rewind of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 46-year title quest

Here you’ll find info for all three chapters, plus dates and links for more Chosen stuff!


Didier Drogba’s momentous final kick in Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League run demands a deep rewind

This is one of the most Rewinder-y things to ever happen, honestly.

Judges gavel on old law book

Weird Rules returns

Why we decided to revisit our old series with a new twist


Kobe Bryant’s final shot needs a deep rewind

Somehow, after 20 years, Kobe Bryant had a chance to write a perfect ending to his time as a Laker.

 The Blues-Hawks beef was super violent even before the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

We got hockey beef!

JJ Redick’s beef with Maryland was flavored by ugly heckles, prank calls, and Duke’s legacy of jerks

College basketball beef gets personal

The Dead Baseball Boys of Brooklyn, Part 1


The time Blake Bortles ghosted me


The Minneapolis Miracle gets a deep rewind

The baseball managers who’ve been kicked out of both halves of a doubleheader