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The Seahawks launched their throwbacks with an ENTIRE 90s INSPIRED WEBSITE

Best uniform reveal ever?

It’s hilariously ludicrous how much the NFL will hype any announcement, and I absolutely love it. On Wednesday the Seahawks finally showed off their throwback uniforms, before going so far above and beyond it’s incredible.

Obviously the Seahawks’ throwbacks are one of the best uniforms in the entire NFL. I understand why there was a move to modernize, but damn it’s good to see them back. Now, it’s not just this 90s video that Seattle dropped — they did so much more.


Clicking on the site, or visiting will take you to a landing page complete with an old AOL-inspired dial up. If you don’t want to wait you can click and let the world you’re rich enough to have BROADBAND.

From there you can check out the entire site as if it was made in 1997 — and it was obviously created by people who have a deep love for the old era of internet that us olds grew up with.

  • The website text dead middle with giant overhanging background
  • An ad for Internet Explorer
  • Everything in Verdana font
  • The randomly broken banner ad
  • A beeper for some reason, because why not?

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing, and the Seahawks knocked it out of the park here. I absolutely love how dumb and wonderful this is.