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Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s final showdown deserves a deep rewind

With retirement on the horizon, Peyton had one last shot at bragging rights

When the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots advanced to the 2016 AFC Championship, it was immediately obvious that the history books would need to be amended. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had clashed 16 previous times, often in incredible fashion with stakes that couldn’t be higher between conference foes. Considering there’s a Super Bowl appearance on the line, this time looked to be no different.

But what did set this showdown apart was it seemed highly likely to be the final time they would share the field. Possibly, it would be the final time Peyton ever stepped foot on the field. The fact it all came down to one final play meant the NFL script writers knew what they were doing.

In the closing seconds of the game, the Patriots are one two-point conversion away from forcing overtime. The Broncos are one defensive stop from a trip to the Super Bowl. Welcome to a moment in history.